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Monetize your blog week continues at Personal Blog Income with something a little different, Jot-a-matic. The premise is that your blog attracts a certain audience whether it be techies for technical blogs or crafties for a craft blog. Employers are constantly looking for ways to reach their likely candidates while job seekers are in turn looking for job opportunities. With Job-a-matic you can put a job board where where the two meet, your blog. The service itself is backed by Simply Hired, a large jobs classified search engine.

How it works for you is simple. Jot-a-matic allows you to create your own jobs board free of the need to install any software. You can solicit job ads via your website and you can set the price for each job lisiting you sell. If you have a highly targeted audience then it is likely you can can command a higher price from employers looking to reach them. The price itself is set by you and you get 50% of the asking price from Simply Hired. In addition, any listings you get are also seen accross the Simply Hired Network meaing greater visability for the clients.

To supplement your own ads, you can also display ads from the Simply Hired database so that your job board is always full and you get paid for clicks on paid job listings. In this case you get 30% of the total click price (which generally ranges from 30 to 60 cents).

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