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Colorado Man Evicted by Home Realty & Management During COVID-19 Pandemic


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Colorado Man Evicted by Home Realty & Management During COVID-19

Aurora Colorado, March 30 2020 — Local Best for Colorado Globally distributed CBD Brand Owner experiences homelessness amidst the countries COVID-19 Pandemic when Governor Polis issued an executive order, ordering Colorodoians to stay home and BAD LANDLORDS, to not evict tenants for 30 days as relief is coming.

Aurora Police Department assisted in keeping the peace as they followed Mike Giallanza, Owner of Home Realty and Management llc located in Lone Tree Colorado to the residence of Colorado small business owner, Chris Eoff’s place of residence located at 5236 S. Haleyville Way, In Aurora Colorado on March 30 to attempt to forcefully evict him.

  • Tenant was under 30 days delinquent

  • His funds were just locked due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which they were released today 4/1/2020 and Giallanza would have been 100% paid

  • Governor Polis, Colorado State Governor had issued an executive order requiring everyone to stay home & nobody to be evicted for 30 days starting 4/1/2020

We’ve made available a full 5 minute HD 1080p Video of Mr. Giallanza assisted by the Aurora Police Department as they harass the tenant of 5236 S. Haleyville Way, Aurora Co. 80016.

Mike Giallanza of Home Prorperty & Management Assisted by Aurora Police Dept. Evict Tenant during COVID-19 Pandemic
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KKE9 News Colorado is dedicated to assisting those who have had their human rights opposed upon during times of World Pandemic declared by the United States Government in attempts to get your story heard by your State governor as well as the president of the United States Donald Trump. Together we stand, Alone Heartless Americans like MIke Giallanza Will Fall at Home Realty & Management.

Home Realty & Management Colorado

BREAKING: Home Realty & Management Evicting U.S Army Veteran During Colorado Governor Polis Executive Order 3/30/31

Home Realty & Management Sued After Evicting US Army Veteran During COVID_19

Hi, I’m Mike Giallanza and During the COVID-19 Pandemic I Evicted a US Army Veteran who was less than 30 days late on his rent in a home he placed a $7,000 Security Deposit on I could have utilized until things got better. I own Home Realty & Management in Lone Tree Colorado. I’d love to rent you your next home or Manage your Colorado Property. I manage over 100 properties throughout Colorado in which will soon all be vacant. Let me manage your property too! “note this is not an actual statement from the owner of Home Realty & Management, Our marketing team did this to keep humor in a time so dark”

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Lone tree Colorado

Colorado Small Business Owner Evicted During COVID-19 Pandemic

Rent Day came all to fast for one globally distributed CBD Company owner after being evicted from his 3,300 sqft home in Aurora Colorado, after Colorado State Governor Jason Polis made the executive order, making it illegal for anyone in Colorado (a state topping the charts in the  US for Deaths from COVID-19) to be on the streets or in public during the recent COVID-19 epidemic.

Governor Polis when asked if Landlords should evict tenants

or banks should foreclose on homes of homeowners replied with the following quote

BAD Landlords making threats

to evict tenants during the COVID-19, are making Shallow Threats and NO EVICTIONS are to be made for the NEXT 30 DAY’s

Colorado State Governor Jared Polis Stands up For Colorodians facing eviction and tells Landlords what he thinks of them if they evict tenants during COVID-19 pandemic

In the Video below  you can see Mike Giallanza, Owner of Home Realty & Management

and multiple unidentified Aurora Police officers who appear to know better than to harass someone during this time stand back and not interfere as they should have just making sure there was no violence. During times where you never see the police good things on camera,  we are proud that in Colorado the police do not take advantage of situations and abuse their power.

Great Job Aurora Police Department.

If you listen at the end you can hear police officers informing Mike Giallanza they can not enforce this and rather than raise tension, they defused the situation and referred him to the Arapahoe Sherrif’s Department.


What do you think Colorado?

Should Mike Giallanza face criminal charges for evicting someone during the COVID-19 Pandemic after Colorado Governor made the Executive Order enforcing Colorado citizens to stay in their homes? Should Home Realty & Management have monetary liability to this Veteran he put on the streets? How about Home Realty & Managements Legal Team assistance that typed up the eviction knowing there was an official Executive Order in Place Protecting his human rights?

Let us know your thoughts below!

Call Mike Giallanza

and let him know your thoughts as well

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